Useful phrases about money

It cost me a fortune.
It cost me an arm and a leg.
That’s a total rip-off.
I can’t afford it.
That’s a bit pricey.
That’s quite reasonable.
That’s a great deal.

How to introduce rumours into a conversation

Rumour has it that…. I’ve heard that… They say… Just between you and me. Keep this to yourself. Apparently, The grapevine says, I heard this on the grapevine. Have you heard? I shouldn’t say this, but… This shouldn’t be passed around, but… I shouldn’t be telling you this, but… We love your feedback and welcome […]

Useful phrases about a bad trip

My flight was delayed/canceled.  My flight was overbooked. My luggage was lost. I was jet-lagged. I was mugged.  I lost my passport The weather was miserable.  The place was a tourist trap.  My hotel was in a seedy area. I couldn’t wait to get back home.  I missed my connection.

Chickens vs Chicks

All roosters, hens, cockerels, pullets and capons are chickens. They are subcategories of age and gender, but all the same species.

Useful phrases about love

I’m mad about you. I’m crazy about you. I’m smitten with you. I have a crush on you. You are my sunshine. I love being around you. You take my breath away. Thank you for being in my life. I’m head over heels for you. You are the light of my life. I can’t stop […]

How to use the verb ‘to go’

To go home,downtown,abroad,North,South,straight on,left,right,crazy,up,upstairs,down,downstairs,shopping,running,skiing,dancing,fishing,swimming. To go to work,college,school,university,prison,jail,London,England,Europe,America,Mars,dinner,bed. To go on holiday,record,a trip,a cruise,a safari,a ride,a binge,a rampage,a hunch,an adventure,a bus,the train,and on,fighting,to say. To go to the park,cinema,theatre,museum,library,bank,supermarket,airport,pub,zoo,lake,beach,mountains,specialist,doctor’sdentist’sMoon. To go to a party,concert,gig,fair,show,shop,conference,meeting. To go for a a run,a walk,a jog,a hikea swim,a drive,a ride,a nap,a rest,a meal,a coffee,a drink. We love your feedback […]

Fake News

Fake news (also known as junk news, pseudo-news, alternative facts or hoax news) is a form of news consisting of deliberate disinformation or hoaxes spread via traditional news media (print and broadcast) or online social media. Rubbish!  Nonsense! Come off it! Don’t be silly! That’s not true! Frankly, I doubt that! That’s a barefaced lie! Let’s not get carried away! What a load of codswallop! That’s a cock-and-bull story! […]

Parts of a hedgehog

Hedgehogs are easily recognized by their spines, which are hollow hairs made stiff with keratin. Their spines are not poisonous or barbed and, unlike the quills of a porcupine, do not easily detach from their bodies. However, the immature animal’s spines normally fall out as they are replaced with adult spines. This is called “quilling”. Spines can also shed when the animal […]

Parts of a duck

The overall body plan of ducks is elongated and broad, and the ducks are also relatively long-necked, albeit not as long-necked as the geese and swans. The body shape of diving ducks varies somewhat from this in being more rounded. The bill is usually broad and contains serrated pecten (biology), which are particularly well defined in the filter-feeding […]